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explore-it-nw-scavenger-hunt-tours-washingon-travel-8494 (540x432)Welcome Explorers!

Hi, I’m Christina! I hope you are enjoying Playful Exploration through the Scavenger Hunts and Blog! I’m excited to share with you my enthusiasm for photography and the beautiful Northwest.

The inspiration for the Scavenger Hunts came from my niece and nephew. I scouted areas and took pictures with my cell phone. Then, on our walk, they scurried around finding the pictures and I barely kept up with their enthusiasm and excitement. The idea evolved into trivia questions, charade photos, and a fun way to learn about different areas.

“How did I get into Scavenger Hunts?” you may wonder. Well, a layoff from a 10 year position at Washington State University Extension actually inspired me to venture on my own. During my time there, I coordinated a volunteer program and developed many trainings, especially with different curriculum geared for play and learning. But, one of my most interesting jobs, was driving the tram and giving tours featuring free roaming animals at Northwest Trek.Northwest-Trek-experience-Washington-travel-tourism-explore-it-nw-scavenger-hunts

Through these jobs, I discovered what I enjoy doing- creating content for learning that’s fun, engaging, and playful. And I enjoy travelling, learning about new places, and taking pictures. I want to share the adventure with you! Adventure Awaits! (But it doesn’t wait forever, so get going…)

Please feel free to e-mail me with questions, comments, and feedback.




Please contact me if…

Explore It Scavenger Hunts is open to:

  • Coordinating with travel bureaus and convention centers to create Scavenger Hunts

  • Offering restaurants and businesses to be a Reward on a Scavenger Hunt

  • Creating specialized Scavenger Hunts (field trips, attractions like museums/zoos/aquariums, experiences for wedding guests such as at a winery, shopping Scavenger Hunt with boutiques and local businesses, Pub/restaurant crawl, etc.)

  • Participating in press and familiarization trips

  • Featuring tourist attractions, activities, tours, or accommodations on the Blog

  • Licensing images for digital use, print, editorial, calendars/souvenirs, or framed/canvas display

  • Freelance writing and photography for travel publications and magazines