Demo Scavenger Hunt

Fireman's Park, Geeky Guru

Address: 801 A Street

Points: 15

Demo, Fireman's Park

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    As you wander through Fireman’s Park, you'll spot a logger, a tribute to Tacoma’s centennial in 1984.

Fireman’s Park is a great place to enjoy a view of Commencement Bay and capture an iconic Tacoma shot of Mt Rainier through the 11th Street Bridge.


Salmon Sculpture, Cheesy Charades

Address: Broadway, between S 9th and S 11th

Points: 20

Demo, Salmon Sculpture

  • Theatre-on-the-square-Tacoma-experience-Washington-explore-it-nw-scavenger-hunts-tours-8986salmon-sculpture-Tacoma-experience-Washington-explore-it-nw-scavenger-hunts-tours-2352


    Theatre on the Square has a very vibrant, yellow exterior and an eccentric salmon fountain that seems to fit into the motif. The artists have a sense of humor, as the “Canned Salmon” is made out of 800 recycled cans. Take a closer look at the sculpture then take a picture of someone in your team being eaten by the giant salmon.

Theatre-on-the-square-Tacoma-experience-Washington-explore-it-nw-scavenger-hunts-tours-8985The theater district is transformed into a giant celebration during Tacoma’s First Night on New Year’s Eve. There’s a parade and performances at about 20 different stages, including those outdoors. The featured band plays in this outdoor area until the official countdown to midnight.